Supply Pod From Outer Places

The premium mystery box where science meets science fiction. Curated by the professional geeks at Outer Places and delivered to your mailbox every 3 months. Just $39.99.

What's In A Supply Pod?

T-shirts, Do it yourself science kits, and 2-4 other awesome items are in every pod

How It Works

Step 1: we find awesome scifi and science stuff
step 2: we put that stuff in box
step 3: we mail that box to you

Explore the amazing microscopic world around you with the Genetics Supply Pod. Each Pod includes a do-it-yourself DNA science kit as well as a ton of other fun items. Great for ages 8 to 80, and the perfect activity to encourage a love for STEM.


Our Fans

"Supply Pod includes great STEM projects for parents to do with their children, which sets them apart from all the other subscription boxes in this category. I highly recommend it!"
"The items are a lot of fun for kids and adults – and Supply Pod is a great box to enjoy with your kid! "

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